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Advantage Practice Test

Advantage Practice Test

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  • Colorful, low-cost test preparation booklets
  • Use either with first-time test takers or
    older more-experienced students
  • Grades 1-8 each have separate booklets
  • Grades 9-12 are same booklet
  • 30-40 pages of BASIC practice in all the subjects that
    are on the tests
  • Requires only a few hours to complete
  • Directions & Answer Key included
  • Available for immediate shipping
  • Call for discount pricing on large groups

PLEASE READ:   These practice booklets are designed to give students help in improving test-taking skills.  While the questions are certainly different and become more difficult with each higher grade level, the questions are the same within a particular grade.  They do not teach the actual subject information that is on the specific test. Nor are they exactly like the specific tests in every regard, but are approximating the experience in the format, layout, and style that the student will have in the actual test. 

The questions on the practice booklets are grade specific and reflect an approximate 3-grade range of difficulty.  For this reason, you will find some overlap in questions from grade to grade.  

The specific tests and questions on the actual tests are copyrighted by the different test publishers and, therefore, by law, we are not allowed to copy them in any way to use in our practice booklets.  To do so would not only be a violation of US copyright law, and thus be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties, it would actually give some students an unfair advantage and/or skew the results of the specific test which is seeking to measure academic skills achieved over a period of time. 

While it is commonly held that practice in test-taking skills will help students improve their test scores, these practice books are no substitute for diligent teaching in the various subjects throughout the year. We hope this inexpensive practice test will be of great benefit to you and your student in preparation for this year’s achievement testing.

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