About Us

Piedmont Education Services is a family owned and operated homeschool testing services company. PES was founded in 1987 by former classroom teachers and homeschooling parents to better serve private schools and homeschooling families throughout NC and southern Virginia, expanding in 2002 to offer our educational products and services nationwide. In 2006, we expanded to include information, products, and services for families concerned about their health, their home, and the culture.

Founder Greg Munger served in various homeschool leadership positions in NC including six years as president of the NC local support group, Forsyth Home Educators, while simultaneously serving as the Administrative Vice President for the statewide organization North Carolinians for Home Education, assisting for eight years as the Assistant to the Director for the NCHE Conference and Book Fair held annually in Winston-Salem, NC (now called Thrive!) 

In 2022 Greg stepped down from day-to-day oversight of the company and in his place appointed his son Paul Munger to become the new president of Piedmont Education Services. Paul is a homeschool graduate and he and his wife Sheilah presently homeschool their 9 children. He has been with the company since 2002, serving thousands of customers providing service and support for the Woodcock-Johnson, CAT5 and TerraNova tests.  PES is dedicated to serving the homeschooling community nationwide with the same commitment to excellence that has defined the company since its inception.

The Paul and Sheilah Munger family