Learning Styles

Learning Styles

Discover How You Learn
While everyone can learn, we all learn in different ways. To help you better understand yourself as a teacher as well as understand your children/students, we have gathered some information about Learning Styles that will highlight the ways in which you and your students receive & process information. We hope that by reading this information and taking these tests you will be able to develop strategies which will enhance your learning potential. The learning styles tests were compiled by A. J. Berghuis. They have no time limits so you should try to answer each question as honestly as you can. Please take the time to read this Disclaimer.

Your learning style is based on four basic categories that overlap in various ways. You will discover that you have traits in all of the categories, but as you consider this information, you will learn the dominant traits that characterize your primary learning style.

The 4 Categories of Learning:

1. Perceiving - Taking in Information
2. Ordering - Using the Information You Perceive
3. Remembering
4. Understanding

It is important not to label yourself or your child, but understanding your dominant learning style might help you overcome the difficulties you or your child face in learning, remembering, and understanidng information.


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