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Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement
Woodcock-Johsnon III

Piedmont Education Services, in association with Bowman Academic Services, is pleased to offer the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement to Private Schools. The WJ-3 is an individually administered nationally standardized test, administered by our qualified personnel, for Grades K through 12.


  • Reading: comprehension, vocabulary, basic skills, phonics & word attack
  • Mathematics: computation, reasoning & application of basic skills
  • Language: knowledge, comprehension, skills, expression, punctuation, spelling, grammar

Spelling = by dictation in class
Punctuation/Capitalization = by dictation in class
Math Computation = worksheet completed in class
For Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension & Math Story Problems, the test questions are individually administered by reading aloud and/or silently by either the proctor or the student, and the student responds verbally.
Total testing time per student is approximately 45 min.
Computer generated score reports will be mailed to your school in 2-3 weeks.

$50.00 - $75.00 per student
All tests administered at your school.

Please call 336-924-2494 for more information and scheduling availability.


Piedmont Education Services offers the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement through Piedmont Irlen Screening and Bowman Academic Services.  For more information about Irlen Syndrome or for an Irlen Screening, visit

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