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California Achievement Test, Fifth Ed.(CAT/5®) - Complete Battery

CAT5 Test

1.  Score Reports only @ $10 per student
If you already have the CAT/5 test booklets, then we can send you new answer sheets and provide a one-page score report for each student. Please call to order and/or discuss your situation.

2.  Full testing service - Grades 4-12 only
If you need student books, Examiner's Manuals, answer sheets as well as the score reports, please call us to order by phone.  You may pay by credit card, check or money order.

1-10 students = $40 per student + FREE S&H
11-25 students = $38 per student + FREE S&H
26-50 students = $35 per student + FREE S&H
51+ students = $30 per student + FREE S&H

Questions? Please call us at 336-924-2494.
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