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Scoring High Achievement Practice Test
Scoring High
  • Traditional workbook, multiple-choice format
  • Available specifically for: ITBS, Stanford (SAT/10), or TerraNova/CTBS
  • Grades 1-8 only
  • 140 pages for EXTENSIVE study
  • Requires several weeks to complete
  • Covers all subjects except Social Studies
  • Answer Key included (the publisher has restricted the Teacher Edition to traditional classroom schools only)
  • Sorry, we no longer offer the Scoring High brand of test prep books.   Please refer to our other practice test booklet called Achievement Test Advantage, which are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

NOTE: Subjects covered include Reading, Language Arts, Math, Maps/Reference, Study Skills, and Science! (Social Studies is not included since it is similar to reading comprehension in test-taking skills.) Please be aware that these practice books are only giving students help in improving test-taking skills.  They do not teach the actual subject information that is on the specific test. Nor are they exactly like the specific tests, but are approximating the experience in the format, layout, and style that the student will have in the actual test.  The actual specific tests are copyrighted by the different test publishers and, therefore, by law, are not allowed to be copied in any way by the creators of these practice books.  To do so would not only be a violation of US copyright law, and thus subject to civil and/or criminal penalties, it would actually give some students an unfair advantage and/or skew the results of the specific test which is seeking to measure academic skills achieved over a period of time.  While studies have shown that practice in test-taking skills will help students improve their test scores, these practice books are no substitute for diligent teaching in the various subjects throughout the school year.

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