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Creation Proclaims
Volume 1 Volume 2
Creation Proclaims Volume 1 Creation Proclaims Volume 2

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Creation Proclaims Vol. 1
Climbers and Creepers

Join Dr. Jobe Martin and Dan “The Animal Man” in Creation Proclaims, Vol. 1, a fun and fascinating wild animal adventure!  In each creature feature, you’ll learn how God makes His majesty, power and glory known to us through animals that climb and creep.

Go face-to-face with gibbons, baboons, aye-aye, hissing cockroaches, the nudibranch, and the wonder weta!

So grab your camera, pull on your hat and boots, and get ready to encounter God through these ferocious, mysterious, and sometimes hilarious animals.

NTSC DVD: Color, 50 minutes

Creation Proclaims Vol. 2
Flight and Spike

From the jungles to the deserts, to deep inside the Earth and into the farthest reaches of space, Creation Proclaims, Vol. 2  focuses on creatures with flight and spike.  Dr. Jobe Martin and Dan “The Animal Man” return to lead us on a spectacular journey of discovery revealing the wisdom of our Creator, Jesus Christ.

   You’ll meet up with owls, bats, dinosaurs, African crested porcupines, horned toad lizards, the Naica crystals, and Earth itself.

    Grab your night vision goggles and telescope and get ready to be amazed at these powerful and highly-complex creatures.

 NTSC DVD: Color, 80 minutes

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