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California Achievement Test,
Fifth Edition (CAT/5®) - Complete Battery

CAT5 Test

• Nationally standardized achievement test for grades K-12. 
• Older, reliable version, with 1993 national norms
• Traditional workbook, multiple choice format, with fill-in-the-bubble answer sheets for all students
• Traditional curriculum trends
• Not tied to "Common Core"
Complete Battery: includes separate subtests, in one complete book, for Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Word Analysis (i.e. beginner spelling & phonics, Grades 1-3 only), Spelling (Grades 2-12), Language Mechanics (i.e. Punctuation, Capitalization, etc.), Language Expression (i.e. English grammar & usage), Math Computation, Math Concepts & Application (i.e. story problems), Science (optional), Social Studies (optional), Study Skills (i.e. library skills, Grades 4-12 only, optional);  NOTE: Grade K has only four(4) subtests: Word Analysis, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Math Concepts & Application.
For use by Homeschools and Private Schools only
• NO advanced degree required to administer. NO test administrator application form required.  You may test your own student(s) in home or classroom.
• Test available year round
All grades are in a non-consumable format which requires the student (or parent/teacher) to mark answers on a separate answer sheet and not in the book.
SPECIAL NOTE FOR GRADES K-3:  Some students in this age/grade group have difficulty filling in the small bubbles on the separate answer sheet and/or correctly matching questions with the answer bubbles and grids.  Therefore, parents/teachers/test proctors are allowed to assist the student, as long as the answer is not revealed to the student.  If you think that this action would be too hard for your child, please order the TerraNova-CAT/6 test for these grade levels which has larger print and does allow the student to fill in the answer bubble right in the book.  If you have any questions regarding this matter, or any concerns about the test, please feel free to call us at 336-924-2494. We look forward to assisting you.
• Administration can be completed in 4-6 hours, over 2-3 mornings or spread out over several days.  (A "non-standard administration" of the test can be utilized for students with an IEP, special needs or other unique circumstances.  This allows the student to have extra time to complete the test or other such helps that do not substantially give him the answer, but allows him to overcome learning difficulties, etc.  Feel free to call us for more information or clarification.)
You have up to two(2) weeks to keep the tests
• Reports include the traditional scores of Grade Equivalent, National Percentile Ranking and Stanine for each subject tested.
• Computer-Generated Reports in 2-3 days via email
• Brief, 20-min. phone consultations to review & discuss reports are available by calling us during regular business hours, 9-5, M-F.
FREE Shipping via USPS Media, First Class or Priority Mail

PLEASE NOTE:The CAT/5 is no longer printed, serviced or scored by the publisher, who has also withdrawn permission for us to reprint or sell the test books for you to keep.  Therefore, you should understand that these used test materials are being loaned/rented to you by Piedmont Education Services for the purpose of the test administration and must be returned to us along with your student(s) answer sheet(s) in order to obtain a score report.  Since we cannot sell you the actual test books, you understand that you are purchasing a scoring service.  Test booklets returned late and/or damaged will incur additional costs.  Your care of the materials and prompt returning them to us will enable us to continue to provide this service to others.  Thank you.

$40.00 per student
(includes all test materials & scoring, plus pre-paid shipping to your home or school and then back to us)

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